Introduction to F#: The Turtle Tutorial with Luke Merrett

11 Feb

6:30 pm Skills Matter at CodeNode, 10 South Place, EC2M 7EB, London




I’m delighted to say that G-Research will again be sponsoring pizzas at the meetup.

Please also sign up with our hosts, Skills Matter:

Workshop for those who would like to learn F# and functional languages in general, aimed at attendees who have a general knowledge of object-oriented languages like C#, Java, Python, JavaScript etc.

The workshop consists of 2 segments:

1 – Presentation explaining the fundamental concepts & advantages of F#
2 – Interactive workshop where we will each build a Logo Turtle from scratch

Please bring along a laptop if you can; if you haven’t got one available we will happily pair you up with other attendees or the presenters to work through the exercise

— Laptop Setup Instructions —

You will need the .NET Core 2.1 SDK installed locally.

If you don’t already have this installed click “Download .NET Core SDK” here:

You’ll also need Visual Studio Code, Ionide and the Visual F# Tools.

Go here: and follow “Options 2: Install Visual Studio Code”, then “Option 4: Install the Visual Studio 2017 Build Tools”.

If you run into any troubles please feel free to contact us prior to the exercise. We will also set some time aside to get everyone up & running prior to starting on the day.

— Resources —

The exercise code can be found here:

The slides can be found here:

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