Debugging the New Year

08 Jan

6:30 pm Kinetic Solutions, 249, Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes



Hello Friends,

Bringing us into the new year will be our very own Philip Sutton giving us a new year resolution to better debug our code!

Main Talk

Though we might all write bug free code, we have all had to debug at times. philip will show some of the features available in Visual Studio to help you debug, and find bugs quicker and so return to writing new features.

About Philip:

Computing wise I did my industrial year at the Forensic Science Service.
I Started full time work 1991 using COBOL and Fortran. Since then I have used Visual Basic 6, and C# as well as Sql
C# since 2005. Away from the computing world I have followed the GB Ice Hockey team for 26 years missing just two competive games.

Talk will be followed by Lightning Talks and Announcements.

Food is kindly sponsored by Twilio and the venue by Kinetic Solutions.

Prizes kindly donated by PostSharp and JetBrains.

Marcos, Ali, Shahid and myself look forward to seeing you then and in the meantime – Happy Coding!

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