Code Mesh LDN

08 Nov 2018

9:00 am ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillid Road, Greater London



I wanted to share some details about Code Mesh LDN with you. Code Mesh LDN is a niche, alternative programming conference that brings academia and industry together under the ethos of share, learn, inspire.

The conference covers a number of programming languages, namely Haskell, Scala, Python, Clojure, LISP, Erlang, Rust, F#, Pony, etc over two days. The conference organisers have carefully curated the talks to firmly advocate using the right tool for the job.

Code Mesh LDN 18 offers a huge variety of sessions on the latest tools, technologies, processes and practices in the software industry:
Maxim Fedorov will be speaking about his work scaling Erlang to serve 1.5B monthly users at WhatsApp
Kathleen Fisher, a leading technologist at the US DoD responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military, will keynote on formal verification for safer vehicles
Garrett Smith will be there with a talk on an introduction to AI technology
Duncan Coutts and Ulf Wiger will speak on blockchain and cryptocurrency in Haskell and Erlang respectively
Natalia Chechina, one of the core writers of Erlang SD, will speak on co-operative robots sharing the load
Last but not least, Carl Hewitt, founder of the Actor Model, is keynoting!

Also at Code Mesh LDN, #OpenErlang, the campaign celebrating 20 years since Erlang was open sourced, is coming to London after a world tour, including San Francisco and Stockholm! The #OpenErlang party is free to attend and will take place on Thursday 08 November, at the Code Mesh LDN venue. RSVP here.

Learn more about the conference, and the 2018 speakers:

What: Code Mesh LDN 2018
When: 08-09 November 2018
Where: Ilec Conference Centre, Fulham, London

How to attend:

Get a 10% discount
Use the GOTO London Nights exclusive discount code GoToLondon10 at checkout ( to get 10% conference and tutorial tickets.

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