‘Why Devs hate Agile’ & ‘Journeys to Cloud Native Architecture’

14 Nov 2018

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Why Devs hate Agile and what to do about it

The current success of Agile is based on theft. Agile was stolen from developers and is now imposed back. No wonder developers roll their eyes when Agile is mentioned!

The Agile approaches and toolset are a great way of involving the whole team in the management of a software development effort. But the same tools, in the wrong hands, make very effective micromanagement tools.

Developers need to take back control of development and put quality at the top of the agenda. The latest thinking in Agile – Continuous Delivery, #NoProjects, #NoEstimates, Mobbing, BDD and #BusTech – offer exciting alternatives for those who want to create great software.

Journeys to Cloud Native Architecture: Sun, Sea and Emergencies

For many businesses looking to embrace modern business practices, deliver and scale faster, adopting a Cloud Native mindset and architecture makes sense. In this talk Nicki Watt, from OpenCredo, will explore the realities of making that journey for a number of clients. Far from being a smooth journey to the promised land, during this talk you will also learn about the numerous detours, bumps and challenges encountered along the way. Microservices, Kubernetes, Success, but also Bandages and Crutches; This talk is for you if you want to gain some pragmatic insight into what is entailed with such endeavours.

About the speakers

Allan Kelly helps companies large and small enhance their agility and boost their digital offering. Clients include: Virgin Atlantic, Qualcomm, The Bank of England, Reed Elsevier and many more small innovative companies you’ve never heard of. He invented Value Poker, Time-Value Profiles and Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. He is the author of “Dear Customer, the truth about IT” and books including “Project Myopia”, “Continuous Digital”, “Xanpan” and “Business Patterns for Software Developers”. His blog is at https://www.allankellyassociates.co.uk/blog/ and on twitter he is @allankellynet

Nicki Watt is the CTO at OpenCredo where she helps organisations to embrace, build and discover innovative solutions to their problems. A techie at heart, her personal motto is “Strive for simple when you can, be pragmatic when you can’t”. Experienced in leading a variety of different development and architectural projects across a wide range of industries, her current focus lies in the cloud, data engineering and continuous integration and delivery space. Nicki is also a co-author of Neo4j In Action, a comprehensive guide to the graph database, Neo4j.

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