LDNUG February 2019

21 Feb

6:30 pm Skillsmatter (CodeNode), CodeNode, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 2RB, GB , London



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Tomasz Bartoszewski: Saving the World with IoT

You don’t have to be a super hero, to make a difference to our planet. Just a bit of programming skills will suffice. We can’t imagine our lives without electricity. We use it to have light and heat, keep our food fresh, we work with computers, use mobile phones, and don’t forget entertainment! We need electricity for driving cars, even more now with EVs. Electricity is generated mostly with fossil fuels, we can use nuclear power and hope that nobody makes a mistake and people do make mistakes. That’s why we build wind farms, solar panels, hydro power plants, but we can’t force them to generate electricity when we want. They are not aware of world cup finals. So how can we make sure, we use green power more? We need to store electricity when they can generate it, and use when they produce less, but storing electricity is hard. We have to change the way we consume energy, but it has to be automatic, so people wouldn’t even know. That’s what we do at OVO Energy, using IoT devices to change the power usage patterns, create virtual power plant, which can be used when the demand exceeds supply. I will show you how we use Azure IoT Hub to do that, you don’t have to be C or C++ developer to work with IoT.

Tomasz is a developer who likes to be involved in everything at work. He wanted to be a knight, but because of low demand, he ended up slaying bugs on production. He likes improving performance of the applications. In his free time, he usually plays with Rubik’s cubes, currently the Megaminx. Big Lego fan, especially Castle series, and anything what requires creativity.

YOU MUST SIGN UP HERE IF YOU ARE COMING: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11748-ldnug-february-2019

John Boshelle: Net Development and Algorithms – Routing – Google maps for the shipping world

Join John Boshelle for a talk about graph building, utilising location data and AIS, graphs utilitising nodes, edges and costs, and algorithms using Douglas Peucker Reduction.

John began his IT career as an Automation tester seven years ago at a major UK testing company, and has worked across multiple verticals, including insurance, asset management and marine. He is now a Full Stack Senior Software Engineer at Sea/ (formerly Clarkson’s) where he is adept at mastering new technologies and technical concepts, as well as exploring new trends. At Sea/, John is split between the SeaNet development team and is the sole developer on the Routing-Api. While SeaNet is a large project requiring both frontend and backend development, Routing API dominates his time. John is skilled in Test Automation and Software Testing and strives for quality. His versatility makes him a key players of the Cloud team, with the ability to turn his hand to framework design, technical lead, pre sales and writing technical specifications.

YOU MUST SIGN UP HERE IF YOU ARE COMING: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11748-ldnug-february-2019

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