Introduction to Stream Processing

07 Nov 2018

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Tonight in conjunction with Hazelcast ( and the Hazelcast User Group ( we’ll be discussing ‘Easy and Fast Stream Processing’ with Neil Stevenson, Senior Solution Architect at Hazelcast.

In this session you will learn all about directed acyclic graph (DAG) and why it is so powerful for Big Data processing. We will walk you through the evolution of Big Data computing from sequential to DAG as well as other techniques such as SP/SC, Cooperative Multithreading, Data Locality, In-Memory sources and sinks, and WaitFree algorithms that power the third generation of Big Data processing.

This presentation will also feature an introduction to Hazelcast JET, an Apache 2 licensed, DAG-based platform for in-memory streaming and fast batch processing that illustrates many of the techniques found in a third generation Big Data platform.

We will walk you through coding common tasks in Java and then step it up to writing full-blown applications in less than a hundred lines of Java code, for applications such as Bitcoin, Twitter sentiment analysis and real-time monitoring of worldwide commercial aircraft.

About the speaker
Neil is a Solution Architect for Hazelcast, the leading operational data management company. In more than 25 years of work in IT, Neil has designed, developed and debugged a number of software systems for companies large and small.


6pm Registration and Networking
6:30pm Talk – Neil Stevenson, Hazelcast
7:30pm Snacks and Drinks. Raffle draw to win a pair of Bose Wireless Headphones (

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This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the London Java Community.

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