Designing Microservices

07 Nov 2018

6:30 pm De Nieuwe Poort, Claude Debussylaan 2-8, Amsterdam, Amsterdam



This edition on Wednesday November 7th will be about Designing Microservices.

Microsoft MVP Pieter Joost van de Sande will tell you all about the ins and outs of Designing Microservices. Nowadays you can’t attend a conference without being confronted with Microservice Architecture.

18:30 Doors open + 🍔🍔🍔
19:00 Pieter Joost van de Sande
20:15 Discussion / questions
20:45 Networking + drinks

Designing your service landscape
During this session I want to focus on designing your service landscape. We hear a lot about this architecture style, especially about the technology. We will look at decomposition strategies and patterns that you can use to create a successful Microservice landscape. I’ll try to answer the question: “How do we identify services and how are we going to comply with requirements about services”? In addition, I’ll share the design mistakes I’ve made in the past together with the tips and tricks on how to prevent them.

About Pieter Joost van de Sande
Pieter Joost regularly presents at international conferences like Microsoft TechDays, SDC and NDC. He is also one of the founders and board member of Devnology where he helps to organize meetings and run a popular podcast about software development. His role in the community is recognized by Microsoft who awarded him with the exclusive Microsoft MVP award.

In his spare time, he contributes to open source projects which are not bound to a specific programming language or platform. He rather explores different languages and paradigms to learn from their differences. He sees C# as a great general purpose language, the JVM has an impressive ecosystem and Go shows how elegant simplicity is. He does prefer static typed languages in most situations, but if you really want to learn TDD, dynamic languages are your friend.

We are located next to Station Amsterdam South which is easy to reach by public transport. If you come by car there are cheap parking options close to the meetup location. In the streets after “De Boelenlaan” (5/10 minute walk) you can park for €1,40 per hour between 08:00 – 19:00. After 19:00 it’s for free.

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