Workshop Java 9 and modules

30 Nov 2018

5:00 pm Rabobank Hoofdkantoor, Croeselaan 18, Utrecht



Workshop Java 9 and modules

Java 9 with its new module system has been out for nearly 1.5 years. High time to find out how it actually works.

We will start at the basics and compile a simple hello world using modules and try to work our way to an application where we can replace parts during runtime.

This meetup is also interesting for those experienced developers that have not been able to find the time to look into java 9.

There are 3 branches with exercises


17:00 walk-in
17:30 start
18:00 food (provided by the rabobank)
21:00 walk-out

But feel free to enter/leave whenever if your agenda does not allow the entire evening.

Rabobank Utrecht
Croeselaan 18
(directly left if you enter the building, then walk all the way to the back)

Cars can be parked in the parking garage for free. (Send me a message if you want to make use of the garage)

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