Symfony 4.2 and Patterns in Doctrine

28 Nov 2018

7:30 pm MyHammer AG, Franklinstraße 28/29, Berlin



Hi Symfony friends,

Join us for our last regular meetup of the year – Don’t worry, there will also be a special X-Mas meetup this year – at MyHammer with talks on the newest Symfony release 4.2 and all the new things it brings and Patterns in Doctrine, a look at the inner workings of Doctrine to better understand how it is working.

Please be sure to check out the attached image showing how to find the location. We will also try to put up signs to make it easy to find. As always make sure to follow @el_stoffel and @dbrumann for updates or to contact us in case you need help getting access to the location.

19:00 Doors open
19:30 Welcome and host introduction
19:45 Symfony 4.2: What’s new? by Tim Jabs
20:10 Short break
20:20 Patterns in Doctrine by Denis Brumann
21:00 Closing notes and socializing

Symfony 4.2: What’s new?
Tim Jabs

The new feature list for Symfony 4.2 is long. Too long to read, so Tim will give us a summary over the latest and the most interesting features and changes in 4.2.

Patterns In Doctrine
Denis Brumann

Doctrine ORM is a central component of most PHP applications and it is one of the components people love to hate. The ORM deals with lots of complexities around working with databases and interfacing with different database systems, but whenever it falls short, it can become I nightmare. In my talk I want to show what Doctrine is doing and why certain problems arise by looking under the hood at some of the patterns that it implements. By understanding these principles we will be able to better understand where bypassing the ORM might make sense, what workarounds we might have in place that could cause problems down the road and generally make Doctrine ORM less of a mystery.

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