Clean Code, API Development & Barbecue

26 Sep 2018

7:30 pm Turbine Kreuzberg, Ohlauer Str. 43, Berlin



Hi there Symfonians,

For September it is time to return to our friends at Turbine Kreuzberg in Umspannwerk Kreuzberg. Erik and Justus will discuss the topics Clean Code and API Development with us and afterwards Turbine Kreuzberg will invite us to one of their famous Barbecue Sessions.

19:00 Doors open
19:30 Introduction and Host Intro
19:45 Clean Code for Beginners by Erik Witthauer
20:15 Break
20:30 API Development by Justus Krapp
21:00 Barbecue & Socializing

Clean Code for Beginners
Erik Witthauer

A short introduction to clean code for (junior) developers to become more professional. Based on the book by Robert C. Martin, extended by some other resources, interpreted by myself.

API Development – Developing, testing and documenting APIs in Symfony
Justus Krapp

From a simple API to a fully tested and self documenting multi API implementation: In this session we will have a look at our API framework and how we’ve solved common API issues like code duplication, meaningless validation errors and outdated documentation. Among others we will cover topics like request validation, different data views, testing and documentation.

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