DACHFest 2018 (DevFest DACH)

10 Nov 2018

9:00 am TU Munich, Arcisstraße 21 (main campus), Munich



For this year’s DevFest season, GDG and WTM communities of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are all working together to organize our largest event yet: DACHFest!

DACHFest is a two-day DevFest conference focused on making a difference. Meet technology experts in emerging fields like AR/VR and Voice UI, discover all the different ways in which technology is transforming lives, find out how to make your apps and websites accessible and friendly towards everyone, learn the secrets of building and nurturing a diverse community — let our speakers surprise and inspire you! And don’t forget to make new friends: there will be plenty of opportunities to meet people passionate about your favorite things. ❤️

Join us in Munich on November 10–11 for two days full of talks, workshops, showcases, networking, and fun!

DACHFest is a paid event, but diversity scholarships are available for people who belong to underrepresented groups in tech or cannot afford a ticket.

Website: https://dachfest.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dachfest
Call for papers (until September 15): http://papercall.io/dachfest18

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