Pipelines and Generators in PHP & Doctrine ODM

25 Jul

7:30 pm Flaconi GmbH, Franklinstraße 13, Berlin



Hi there friends,

For our July meetup we are going to visit flaconi.de in Charlottenburg. We once again are lucky to welcome two speaker with awesome topics.

Building an Incredible Machine with Pipelines and Generators in PHP by Daniel Leech

Did you know that Generators and Pipelines can be combined in order to
solve software engineering problems?
Generators have been available to us in PHP for about 5 years, they are a very powerful tool in a developers toolbox, they can be used to make your life easier (e.g. as data providers in PHPUnit), to help process large amounts of data, and even to enable co-operative multi-tasking.
Pipelines provide a way to compose complex tasks from stages.
In this talk we will briefly discuss a specific problem in PHPBench (a
benchmarking tool for PHP) which can be solved through the use of Generators (and pipelines!). We will then explore both topics generally, before combining them into an Incredible Machine in a live coding session.

Doctrine ODM: Even non relational data needs a hug sometimes by Stefan Adolf

MongoDB stands for speed, scalability and uncompromising JSON crunching capabilities. Doctrine ODM adds a good amount of helpful interfaces, commands and tools that feel very familiar if you ever worked with ORM. While similar in usage the switch to Mongo will change the way you think about data structures: some things become noops, others lead to massive overhead. This talk illustrates 3 ODM real life use cases that Stefan worked on and contains a good amount of best practices, pitfalls and a short introduction into the new aggregation pipeline operators that Doctrine ODM finally introduced in 1.2.

19:00 Open doors
19:30 Welcome
19:35 Introduction by Flaconi
19:45 Pipelines and Generators in PHP by Daniel Leech
20:30 short break
20:45 Doctrine ODM by Stefan Adolf
21:30 Socializing

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