Rightmove Londroid

24 Jul

6:00 pm Rightmove plc, 6th Floor, 33 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QU



This month we have Londroid at Rightmove, where we get together for a couple of talks, food and drink, and a chance to network and socialize with fellow engineers.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: You will need to register on Eventbrite to gain entrance to this FREE event. Registration will open on the 17 July at 10 am & the link will be found HERE:


These extra steps of registration have been implemented to assist the security measures in place, to enter London office buildings. We appreciate you taking the extra time to do this.


📝Evening schedule 📝

6:00 Arrival
6:45 Welcome to Londroid
6:50 Talk one
7:20 Q&A
7:30 BREAK
7:40 Talk two
8:10 Q&A
8:20 Social
9:00 Event closes


Going beyond Google

Alternate’ android stores were responsible for 83 billion downloads last year – that is a huge market that is currently not utilised by a large proportion of developers. But why? What are these app stores and why do they add value? I will explain which of these app stores you should look at, why you should consider going beyond Google and how you can do it!’

Speaker: Ollie Russell

Ollie is a Mobile Distribution Manager at London-based start-up, appScatter. He is passionate about the opportunities that are presented to the Android community by alternate markets and proper market intelligence. Ollie is also the co-host of the soon to be released ‘App Chat Podcast’, which interviews mobile experts and explores ways in which we can all thrive in mobile app and games industries. Want to grab a beer/coffee with Ollie? Drop him a message on LinkedIn and he’d be more than happy to oblige.




Talk two: How to improve working on your legacy application.

Coming into the apps team we had 2 legacy applications. An android app and the backend api service the apps talk to. In this talk I’ll discuss how we balance adding new features alongside removing tech debt to make developers lives easier whilst maintaining over 16 million sessions a month. I’ll offer insights into what went well and where we could have done things differently.

Speaker: Dan Jackson

Worked as a developer for 7 years (nearly) at Rightmove and have been an Android dev for 3 years. Passionate about clean, testable, readable code and making things better.

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