Functional Tic-Tac-Toe Speedrun

19 Jul

5:00 pm



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Most of us are familiar with the game tic-tac-toe. It is used frequently as a coding exercise, to implement the rules of the game in a computer program.

But how quickly can it be done? And how about in a functional style, how fast can it be implemented while avoiding mutating state?

Codurance crafter Richard Wild thinks it can be done in 45 minutes, while driven completely by tests. Along the way, he demonstrates the power of the functional programming features introduced in Java 8 for writing concise, straightforward code, and shows also that a problem domain and its solution do not always have to closely resemble each other.

Speaker: Richard Wild

Richard has been programming for his living since 1998, but he has loved the craft ever since teaching himself assembly language as a teenager on the family computer.

He apprenticed for many years grinding data on Oracle databases, picking up C, Java, C# and other languages along the way. At present, he primarily programs in Java, but he is very interested in functional programming with Clojure.

Richard was switched on to Software Craftsmanship by some excellent agile coaches who taught XP, and through the association of some inspiring Software Craftspeople with whom he has been fortunate to work. In addition to honing his craft, he loves mentoring and teaching others how to practice TDD and how to write clean pragmatic code.

Aside from programming, Richard is a keen club runner with the Bedford Harriers, doing all distances from 5K to marathons. He also enjoys cycling, blogging and making music. Richard lives in Northampton with his partner Sarah.

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