WorldRemit Londroid

22 May

6:00 pm World Remit, 62 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AJ, London



This month we have Londroid at WorldRemit, where we get together for a couple of talks, food and drink, and a chance to network and socialize with fellow engineers.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: You will need to register on Eventbrite to gain entrance to this FREE event. Registration will open on the 11 May at 10 am & the link will be found HERE:

These extra steps of registration have been implemented to assist the security measures in place, to enter London office buildings. We appreciate you taking the extra time to do this.


Evening schedule

6:00 Arrival
6:45 Welcome to Londroid
6:50 Talk one
7:20 Q&A
7:30 BREAK
7:40 Talk two
8:10 Q&A
8:20 Social
9:00 Event closes


Talk one: Android DevOps: Espresso on Genymotion in AWS

How do you create a mobile-only bank account that customers trust enough to deposit money in? The mobile application needs to be high quality. After evaluating and comparing what other companies, small and big, use to test their android application and the available technologies (device farms, hypervisors…), we picked Genymotion-on-Demand and built a continuous integration system in the AWS cloud. The cost and coverage of running tens of thousands of Espresso tests every day are measured. We have fragmentation of OS versions and screen sizes. Tests are sharded to reduce build time. Videos of tests are recorded. JUnit test reports are generated. We had to adapt to open source libraries breaking because of new versions of the Android toolchain. This is a multi-technology stack using Android, Bash, Gradle, Cloud Formation, Teamcity, Slack, C++, Python, Groovy, Artifactory… This is about sharing the journey and what we learned along the way, from building internal buy-in to providing feedback to Genymotion itself and the many technical things that broke along the way. We are using this system and plan to expand it with Appium tests for application upgrade and stress testing.

Speaker: Michael Aubert

10 years ago, Michael Aubert was tricked into writing a programming book. With that endeavor now thankfully completely obsolete, he’s trying to bring more competition to a banking industry that sorely needs it by contributing what he can to the Starling Bank Android application. He still hasn’t automated @PandoUnlocks.



Talk two: Boost your Android app’s quality with Firebase

Every time your app crashes or hangs, it’s an invitation for the user to uninstall it and give it a bad rating. Fortunately, Firebase provides the tools you need to keep your app healthy and stable. Join this session to see how Firebase can help you during development and in production to understand where your app is crashing and where its performance is poor. We’ll deep dive into Test Lab, Crash Reporting, Crashlytics, and the new Performance Monitoring tools to gauge the quality of your app. With these, and some clever tricks with Firebase Remote Config, you can make sure your users have the best possible experience. Down with one-star ratings!

Speaker: Doug Stevenson

Doug is a veteran engineer, experienced public speaker, and developer advocate at Google with the Firebase team. He’s been developing for Android since the very first Android device was on the market, and has bootstrapped the efforts of silicon valley startups. Outside of work, Doug follows professional ice hockey and enjoys craft beer.


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