Kubernetes, Symfony & Netgen Layouts

30 May

7:30 pm Project A Ventures (first floor), Julie-Wolfthorn-Straße 1, Berlin



Hi fellow Symfonians,

Our May meetup will be hosted by Project A and features a talk about working with Symfony containers in Kubernetes and Netgen Layouts. Join us for interesting discussions with our speakers and host.

The location is wheelchair accessible. If you need assistance or have questions feel free to reach out to @dbrumann or @el_stoffel on twitter or send us a message on meetup.


19:00 Doors open
19:30 Welcome & Introduction
19:35 Introduction by our host Project A
19:45 Symfony containers in kubernetes
20:15 Short break
20:30 How we are building the next generation web productivity tool on top of Symfony
21:00 Symfony 4.1
21:15 Closing notes / Socializing

Symfony containers in kubernetes by Thomas Wiener (Vaola)

Create kubernetes clusters, create and improve symfony containers, deploy and scale containers.

How we are building the next generation web productivity tool on top of Symfony by Ivo Lukač (Netgen)

Netgen Layouts is a Symfony based productivity tool for building and operating complex websites. The goal is to make life easier for site builders and maintainers without loosing flexibility for developers. It works best with eZ Platform CMS but there are PoC integrations with Sylius and Contentful. This talk will include a short demo, architecture overview and some examples of how to use it and extend it.

Symfony 4.1 by Tim Jabs

The next minor release of Symfony will be released these days. Tim will give us a short overview and introduction to the new features and changes.

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