Docklands.LJC: Eclipse OpenJ9 / Java 10: whats new and exciting?

24 Apr

6:15 pm Credit Suisse, 1-5 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf , London E14 4QJ



We are pleased to bring you the next event of the Docklands.LJC, a group within the main London Java Community that focuses on the developer community in and around Canary Wharf each month.

Our speakers this month are Steve Wallin, Program Director of IBM Runtime Technologies and Mani Sarkar, passionate Java / JVM developer and Agile and software craftsmanship advocate.

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Arrive from 6:15pm, talks will begin promptly at 6:30pm.
Attendees arriving after 6:40pm may not be admitted.

The program is as follows:

– 6:15 pm Doors open

– 6:20pm Introductions

– 6:25 Lightning Talk: Java 10: whats new and exciting

– 6:45 pm Speaker One and Q& A session. Approx 60 min in total

– 7:45 pm Wrap up & beer at Davy’s, our official watering hole

Eclipse OpenJ9 – driving JVM innovation for Cloud Native Applications

In this session Steve will show how to supercharge your Java apps for cloud deployment, saving up to 60% memory footprint and improving the startup performance by 40%. We will then go on to look at the open source strategy and direction of OpenJ9 for improving the performance of cloud functions, services and containers.

Java 10: whats new and exciting?
It’s been 20+ years since the first release of Java, and it has never been more exciting than now, with new releases of Java, following the new 6 months release cadence. Java 10 is a result of this new change, just after Java 9 was released 6 months ago, and this is happening faster than being able to think about migrating to these new releases. In this talk, we will get an overview of the new features in Java 10 and also take away some know-how and resources for idle-time reading, further contemplation, experimentation or just sheer water-cooler chats!

Mani Sarkar is a passionate developer mainly in the Java/JVM space, based out of London, UK. A JCP Member, OpenJDK contributor, involved with a number of developer communities, and F/OSS projects. He sees himself working in the areas of core Java, JVM, JDK, Hotspot, Graal, VMs, and Performance Tuning. An advocate of a number of agile and software craftsmanship practices and a regular at many talks, conferences and hands-on-workshops – speaks, participates, organises and helps out at many of them. Expresses his thoughts often via blog posts, tweets and other forms of social media

Steve Wallin is the Program Director of the IBM Runtime Technologies, responsible for leading IBMs language development and innovation in Open Source with Java, Node.js and Swift on the Server. Steve is also a JCP Executive Committee member.

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