JS Monthly, April Event

25 Apr

6:00 pm IG Index, Cannon Bridge House, 25 Dowgate Hill, London EC4R 2YA



Please note: The event is hosted by IG. Program will be as usual:

18:00 – Door open and pizza (and beer) is served

19:00 – Cross platform engineering – Lessons Learned \ Michael Asimakopoulos and Andy Novakovits

Cross platform technologies have changed considerably. Should you even write an app using one of them in 2018? What tooling, processes and best practices can’t you live without? Which problems will you face and how will you overcome them? How would you organise your team and project? Join us as we share valuable lessons from the last two years of engineering the Covve Ionic/Angular cross platform app.

19:45 – Sharing dependencies across multiple projects \ Deividas Karzinauskas

I will talk about my experience of shared dependencies extracted out in a separate package using https://www.npmjs.com/package/builder (by FormidableLabs) and working in a mono-repo with the help of Lerna. I will also touch on other ways of sharing code – simply having a separate npm package, git submodules and the good old package.json, i.e. not sharing dependencies.

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Michael Asimakopoulos @masimplo
Michael is a fullstack developer who leads the development of the xplatform mobile client for Covve. He owns the whole process from starting a new app to deploying to app stores and has successfully worked with javascript in the back-end (nodejs), web (angularjs), xplatform app (ionic/angular) and automation (azure). Michael has more than 13year of development experience in a multitude of fields and technologies. He holds a degree and a masters in engineering as well as an MBA.

Andy Novakovits @el_nova
Andy is a senior software developer. For the last few years he has been part of the core engineering team in Covve designing and implementing a .NET Web API 2 doing the back-end heavy lifting, while currently working in JS, building a xplatform app from scratch. He enjoys writing clean code and co organizes Domain Driven Design Greece.

Deividas Karzinauskas @KarzinauskasD

Currently working for Nested is an estate agent making sellers chain-free.
He has a passion for building amazing software.

20:30 – A visit to the local pub

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We are always looking for more speakers – submit your talk here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFaatfveOUbrmer47jYb5J4J4ttxAFc1CgTjUDltBXmDOJmg/viewform)

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