Cloud Native CICD with Spring Cloud & Functional programming from fundamentals

03 May 2018

6:15 pm Bestseller HQ - Spaces Vijzelstraat , Vijzelstraat 68-78, 1017 HL , Amsterdam



• 18:15 Door opens
• 18:30 Food arrives 🙂
• 19:00 Cloud Native CICD with Spring Cloud Pipelines by Lars Rosenquist (Pivotal)
• first talk
• 19:45 small break
• Functional programming from its fundamentals by Mauro Palsgraaf

Talks Info

Cloud Native CICD with Spring Cloud Pipelines

Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are tools that allow developers to speed up the creation of new business features. But a new feature is only useful if it’s in production. Companies spend a lot of time and resources on building their own deployment pipelines using a plethora of technologies. Spring Cloud Pipelines provides an opinionated way for getting your features to production in a fast, reliable, reproducible and fully automated way.

Speaker Bio:

Lars Rosenquist is a Platform Architect for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal in The Netherlands. He’s dedicated to helping the world build better cloud native applications by transforming software development practices, encouraging organisational shifts and providing the best tooling for the job.

Twitter: @larsrosenquist

Functional programming from its fundamentals

Functional programming is usually classified as difficult. The jargon sounds scary and is creating a barrier to newcomers. This is a shame, since in the essence I would argue that functional programming is easier than object-oriented programming.

In this talk, I’ll outline the fundamentals of functional programming and we will take a look at some common constructs from the perspective of the foundations. Hopefully in the end you will walk away with your toes dipped into the world of functional programming wanting to know more. This talk is aimed for the object-oriented programmer. No prior knowledge about FP is required.

Speaker Bio:

I’m a Java / Scala developer by day and Scala / Haskell hacker by night. I have a keen interest in functional programming. About two years ago I started learning functional programming and after seeing the benefits, I became determined to spread the word and try to get functional programming to the mainstream.

Twitter: @MauroPalsgraaf

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