Frontend Meetup @FashionUnited

08 Mar 2018

6:00 pm FashionUnited, Hoogoorddreef 56, Amsterdam



Frontend Developer Meetup at FashionUnited

Location: FashionUnited (tallest building next to Bijmer Arena Station)
Address: Hoogoorddreef 56 · Amsterdam

Public Transport?
2 minutes walk from Bijlmer Arena Station

Doors open: 1800 O’clock
Drinks and Snacks: 1815 O’clock
Talks Start: 1845 O’clock
Networking & Ending 2100 O’clock

#1 talk: Team FashionUnited – News with GraphQL

#2 talk: Elmer Bulthuis – E2E testing like a BOSS!

#3 talk: Jamie Maria Schouren & Michal Wujas – Satisfying the Need for Mobile Speed

Satisfying the Need for Mobile Speed
Building the ultimate PWA experience

The speed and performance of a webshop have an extreme influence on the behaviour of the visitors and potential customers. Growth in conversion rate, lowering the bounce rate and extending session length: it can all be done by optimising the performance.
Most website are slow – and PWA are finally here to make it fast. During this talk Michal and Jamie Maria from DEITY will show you their journey to satisfy their need for speed; building the ultimate mobile experience by building a PWA with just milliseconds page transitions.

FashionUnited ( is the independent, international B2B fashion network. Active in more than 30 countries, it reaches millions of industry professionals and assists in making their careers in fashion more efficient and transparent. Localised websites offer visitors the latest fashion news, the FashionUnited career center, trade statistics, employer branding pages and the event calendar.

FashionUnited’s innovative platform is built using modern technologies, JavaScript being the dominant language. React and Meteor are in use, but not shy of more exotic languages Elixir is used for the GraphQL API’s. The serverless movement is another one that got our attention, though most of the platform runs in Kubernetes.

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