How learning low-code helps become more productive and broaden your .NET skills

12 Feb

7:00 pm Mindspace, Friedrichstraße 68, Berlin



• What we’ll do
A bit of late notice, but the team from OutSystems is currently in Berlin and asked me to host a sponsored Meetup. This will be a nice catch up again, exchange news and also the meet the from OutSystems! Hugo Menino Aguiar (@hugomaguiar) will share his experience with low-code with us and how it helps him to build cross platform mobile and web apps.

Looking forward to see you next Monday in Mindspace Friedrichstrasse!

Here’s the Abstract:

From the moment I first used BASIC to make my ZX Spectrum flash different colours, I loved the power that writing code gave me. It was more than that, though: as I progressed, I loved the process of thinking up a problem and then solving it with nothing more than thought and experimentation (and, later, many trips to Stack Overflow). Then I heard about low-code and it seemed like the opposite of what I loved. Rather than coding the solution to problems, low-code seemed to relegate me to the user of a drag and drop interface.

I’ll share with you how learning low-code helped me become more productive, become a better coder and broaden my .Net skills in order to build cross platform mobile and web apps.

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