Learn to code in Ruby Webinar

14 Feb 2018

7:00 pm



• What we’ll do
Hello Rubyist!

at the Learn Ruby by doing Webinar you will learn about different Ruby topics from the comfort of your home! Complete beginners are more than welcome and the space is limited to few attendants to make sure everyone receives the proper support.

Each lesson we will pick a new topic, explain the concepts in great detail and conclude with 1/2 exercises depending on the complexity. After the webinar you are encourage to do the exercises on your own and send the solution for a review and personalised advice.

About me: I am a professional Ruby on Rails developer and enthusiastic teacher.
Check my Tech blog (http://www.alfredo.motta.name/), LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alfredomotta), Twitter (https://twitter.com/mottalrd), Github (https://github.com/mottalrd).

• What to bring
Laptop and notebook

• Important to know
Booking requires Paypal. No Paypal? No problem, just send me a message to pay by card.
After the booking is completed I will share the URL of the webinar with you.

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