Building your own Elmish web apps with F# and Fable – Tomas Petricek

14 Feb 2018

6:30 pm Skillsmatter (CodeNode), CodeNode, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 2RB, GB , London



This is a hands-on session, so bring your own laptop with F# and Fable installed! To get everything ready, follow the Fable getting started instructions at:

Writing user interfaces in a functional way should be impossible – functional languages don’t allow side effects, so how can you do anything to your user interface? In this hands-on session, we’ll look how the Elm architecture solves the problem. We’ll write a fun sample web application using Fable and look under the cover of Elm architecture. If you are curious how many lines of F# do you need to write your own Elmish library, don’t miss this meetup!

Please also register with our hosts Skills Matter:

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