Introduction to Kubernetes and Service Messaging Using Kafka

07 Feb 2018

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We are pleased to announce that the LJC is holding an evening of short talks, learning and discussion. Kafka streams, Kubernetes and a few light refreshments. This event is going to deliver.

The first short talk will see Jonathan Lloyd who will be introducing us to Kubernetes. Curious about Kubernetes? Want to know how to get started? In this talk we will discuss what containers are and why you would want to orchestrate them. We’ll be running through the basics so by the end of the talk you’ll have an idea of whether you’d like to check out Kubernetes in more detail.

Jonathan is a software engineer with 5+ years experience. He currently works at Pusher, building realtime cloud services in Golang.

In our second talk, Rob Vadai will be providing an overview of using Kafka streams as the messaging layer for microservices.

The advent of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and microservices brings the challenge to handle messaging reliably between tens, hundreds or even thousands of software services. These services not only have to be able to respond to events in a timely manner, they also need to be failure-tolerant. Kafka offers a reliable backbone to service messaging. The talk will highlight the key advantages of using Kafka over traditional HTTP-based communication and will also discuss challenges to tackle.

Robert is a consultant having 10+ years’ experience in software engineering and having worked with JVM languages around web, back-end services and Big Data projects. Recently worked with IoT analytics for energy companies and cybersecurity.

This event is organised by the awesome folk at RecWorks – check out the blog here: (

Refreshments sponsored by IBM.

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This is a placeholder for the event which is being run on Eventbrite. See the full details and register here:

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