More about Dependency Injection, Flex & Cache

31 Jan 2018

7:00 pm Vaola/mysportsgroup GmbH, Voltastraße 5, Berlin



Happy New Year Symfony Community,

We want to start the new year with you and some interesting talks! The meetup will be hosted by Vaola/mysportsgroup GmbH and feature a lightning talk showcasing how they use Symfony for building an AWS IAM policy inspired User Manager. Our first talk by Kai Sassnowski (@warsh33p) will discuss the fundamentals of Dependency Injection, followed by a 3 person-3 topic-talk on Symfony DI, Flex & Cache.


19:00 Doors open
19:30 Vaola Intro: Symfony based User-Manager
19:45 Kai Sassnowski: Demystifiying Dependency Injection Containers
20:15 break
20:30 Alexander Turek & Christopher & Denis: Symfony DI, Symfony Flex & Symfony Cache
21:15 Closing Notes / Socializing


Demystifying Dependency Injection Containers by Kai Sassnowski (@warsh33p)

Taking a closer look at how DI-containers work by writing our own

Symfony DI in 2017 by Alexander M. Turek (@derrabus)
Symfony Flex in Action by Christopher Hertel (@el_stoffel)
An introduction to Symfony Cache by Denis Brumann (@dbrumann)

This talk is a sort of a compilation of our talks presented at last year’s SymfonyLive Berlin where we try to condense our main talking points into about 10 min long lightning talks.

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