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17 Jan

6:00 pm Deliveroo Offices, Cannon Street Station, 1 Cousin Lane, EC4R 3TE, London



Happy New Year. The first Londroid of 2018 will be hosted by Deliveroo.


You will need to register on Eventbrite to gain entrance to this FREE event. Registration will open on the 4th January at 10 am & the link will be found HERE:

You are required to sign an NDA upon arrival at the venue. You can read the NDA before arriving HERE:

These extra steps of registration have been implemented to assist the security measures in place, to enter London office buildings. We appreciate you taking the extra time to do this.

**Evening schedule**

6:00 Arrival
6:30 Food and drinks
7:00 Welcome to Londroid
7:10 Talk One
7:30 Q&A
7:40 Talk two
8:10 Q&A
9:00 Event closes

Talk one: Thingyfy your home with Android Things and Firebase

Android Things gives you the ability to connect all your IoT devices! You can write Android apps for Android Things the same way you write your current Android apps (Kotlin or Java).
In this hands-on talk you will find out how to connect your Android phone to your home with Firebase. By the end of the session, you’ll know how to send data across from and back to your home, interacting with your devices from anywhere in the world.

Speaker: James Coggan

Passionate geek for all areas of technology with a strong love for Android and embedded devices. Been working with technology for the last 14 years, where 3 have been with embedded devices and 8 have been with Android, due to that, is really favouring the Android Things, that connect the cloud to these two technologies. Talked at Droidcon Tel Aviv about Android Things, about Realm at a GDG London Meetup and Udacity Connect event.

Talk two: Polling Away: How to get rid of network polling from your apps

Do you have network polling in your app? Have you ever considered the implications for your users? Do you want to replace it with something better, but not sure where to start?

In this talk Ben will discuss different strategies for replacing network polling with other alternatives and their benefits and drawbacks. Then he give a deeper dive into one of the technologies Deliveroo is using to address this problem.

Speaker: Ben Pettifer

Ben Pettifer is an Android Developer at Deliveroo. He’s been developing Android for the last four years, with a current focus on building clean, high performant apps. Before that he spent many years building backend software in C#. Outside of building software, Ben loves playing guitar, going to gigs, gaming, and other hobbies beginning with ‘g’.



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