LDNUG: January 2018 with Rob Conery and Heather Downing

16 Jan

6:30 pm Skillsmatter (CodeNode), CodeNode, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 2RB, GB , London



SIGN UP: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/10497-ldnug-january-2018-with-rob-conery-and-heather-downing

Rob Conery: Probing the Mystery’s of Saturn’s E-Ring with PostgreSQL

The story is in the data, you just need to know where to look! In this talk, Rob Conery discusses the work done by his fictional aerospace startup, Red:4, to prepare for mankind’s return to Saturn in 2020. They built a historical data set using various instrument data from Cassini, in particular the data collected from the mysterious moon, Enceladus. Rob will discuss flyby speed calculation, chemistry analysis and, in brief detail, the machine learning system they plan to send with the next probe, SELFI. Along the way he’ll discuss SQL, database design, and ethics when it comes to analyzing and creating predictive data.

Rob Conery is the co–founder of Tekpub.com, an online video learning resource for developers of all shapes and sizes. He also is… one of the annoying voices you hear on This Developer’s Life – a podcast he does with Scott Hanselman. He has a number of Open Source projects, including Massive (the first MicroORM), SubSonic – an ActiveRecord–y clone, Manatee (migrations with JSON), Sugar – a set of helper libraries, and a few others. He worked on the ASP.NET team for a short while helping to promote application building with ASP.NET MVC. Prior to that he was an independent consultant, sleazy dot–com entrepreneur and data–mining wonk. He lives in Hawaii with his two shiney daughters and wonderfully beautiful, patient wife.

Heather Downing: Voice App Conversation Practises

What does it mean to develop a good interaction – without any visual aids? Natural Language Processing (NLP) has opened the door to communicating vocally, and made more easy to develop with popular platform APIs and in-home devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

How do you start thinking about building for one of these platforms, or all of them? We will go over what has to be kept in mind for the development life cycle and empower you to make the architectural decisions that make sense with this emerging software skillset. This is a high level architectural and voice design discussion to avoid pitfalls and enhance user delight with your chatbot or voice skill.

Heather is a passionate coder and entrepreneur. She has experience working with Fortune 500 companies building enterprise level mobile and .Net applications. She spends her spare time at tech conferences supporting the growth of new developers of all genders, ages and backgrounds. When not coding, Heather spends her time as a competitive equestrian and learning the art of mounted archery.

SIGN UP: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/10497-ldnug-january-2018-with-rob-conery-and-heather-downing

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