Enter:Escape Release engineering, lifecycle management and continuous delivery.

16 Jan

6:00 pm Code Node , 10 South Place EC2M 2RB, London



Everything is easy now. We start a VM instead of racking a server, we start a container instead of starting a VM, or we run a function instead of running a container. We can use dozens of SaaS providers so that we can focus on the things that are actually core to our business. It’s great, but the multitude of tools and services makes it hard to build effective delivery pipelines. Until today.

Enter: Escape.

Escape is a new tool that is meant to bring state of the art release engineering to the cloud! Escape is a recently open sourced tool (https://www.ankyra.io/blog/escape-open-sourced/) that can be used to add release engineering, life-cycle management and Continuous Delivery processes to software platforms and their artefacts. In this presentation, Bart Spaans will talk about the problems Escape is trying to solve, how it goes about doing that and how organisations can use Escape to make everything reproducible, identifiable, testable and automateable. Free again to focus on business value. Escape.


Bart Spaans (@bartspaa) is the founder of Ankyra (@AnkyraLtd), a product and services company specialising in software delivery through automation. Bart previously worked as a lead consultant helping companies adopt programmable infrastructure, cloud, containers, micro-services and continuous delivery. He was also heavily involved with the inception of the Pivotal Container Service (PKS) project, which provide on-demand production grade Kubernetes clusters through BOSH. He is now using his experiences from the field to bring Release Engineering to the masses with Ankyra.

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