Talks and Drinks

16 Jan

7:00 pm, Zeeburgerpad 5, Amsterdam



Hi Rubyists!

It’s been a while but we’re starting 2018 fresh with an inspiring meetup. Big thanks to Publitas ( for hosting this event and sponsoring the pizza and drinks! 💥


18:30 Doors open, pizza time

18:55 Introduction Publitas

19:00-19:30 Dirkjan Bussink – Concurrency
Q&A (15 min)

Originally I was planning to talk about concurrency and one of the parts of the talk was going to be about how CPUs can reorder instructions and why in concurrent scenario’s you need something called memory fences. Then the Meltdown & Spectre security issues were released and I realized that there’s a close connection between those. Therefore I plan to cover a lot less on concurrency, but more on these vulnerabilities.

19:45 Break

20:15-20:45 Florian Munz – Continuous dependency updates with Depfu
Q&A (15 min)

I would like to tell you about Depfu and why we believe in doing dependency updates more often. But also have a discussion about how everyone is dealing with keeping their app up-to-date and other maintenance tasks as part of their development process.

21:00-22:00 Networking and drinks See you there! ❤️

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