GOTO Night: Microservices in production + a journey with Event-Sourcing

06 Dec 2017

6:00 pm Irdeto, Taurus Avenue 105, 2132 LS Hoofddorp



GOTO and Irdeto are pleased to bring to you a very special GOTO Night featuring popular speaker and microservices expert Russ Miles. He will show you how to embrace the chaos that is microservices in production. And if that’s not enough, Milo Ertola will also be joining to give a talk on event-sourcing.

It’s going to be a big night of learning, so dust off your OV-chipkaarten and join GOTO and Irdeto after an easy 5 minute walk from Hoofddorp station.

Venue/Host: Irdeto   
Costs: Free of charge  
Speakers: Russ Miles & Milo Ertola
Food & refreshments included

18:00 Welcome, food & borrel 
18:30 Short introduction 
18:45 Milo Ertola 
19:30 Short break
19:45 Russ Miles 
20:45 Ending with borrel until 22:00

Important information: if you are using a nickname on meetup, we would appreciate it if you could email your full name (and nickname) to [masked] before the event.

This is so that, when you arrive at the meetup, your visitor’s badge will be waiting for you, and you can spend less time lining up and more time eating pizza 🙂

Russ Miles – CEO at Russ Miles and Associates

Russ is CEO at Russ Miles & Associates where he and his associates work to ensure that clients get the competitive advantage of the latest microservices architectures, tools and techniques.
Russ’ experience covers almost every facet of software delivery having worked across many different domains including Financial Services, Publishing, Defence, Insurance and Search.

Talk Abstract – Harnessing Chaos for better Microservices in Production

Production hates you, and if you’re doing Cloud Native Microservices … it REALLY hates you. The machines, the networks, the very users you hope to provide a service hate you. This is reality, and it makes production a hostile battleground. In this talk Russ Miles will talk about how to turn this pain to your advantage. Following on from his popular “Why don’t we learn?” talk, it is now the time for the sequel. 

Through a sequence of case studies, personal stories and code examples Russ will talk about how sociotechnical systems, like your very own software development teams, development team, improve through chaos and the stress that results. Through each case study Russ will show how you can turn pain to your advantage through experiments and learning loops so that it is no longer about “how do we avoid the pain” but rather “how do I embrace and thrive on more”. So that you can build microservices that are better prepared for the conditions of production.

Milo Ertola

Milo has been working at Irdeto for the last year as Javascript specialist. He was a startup co-founder in the Rockstart ecosystem and has spent his last 4 years working in Amsterdam with the Javascript stack in different industries including e-learning, fintech and anti-piracy. Before coming to Amsterdam, Milo was a web developer and architect in the Java stack and C#.NET. In his spare time he mentors students at the final year of Bachelor’s studies in Computer Science at the University of Padua.

Talk Abstract – Beyond CRUD: a Journey with Event Sourcing and CQRS

Event sourcing and CQRS aren’t new patterns. However, they remain primarily a niche way of addressing specific problems. At Irdeto, our IRIS team has attempted to harness the power of CQRS & Event Sourcing and we’ve done it in JavaScript. IRIS is a web application that processes and democratizes data from many different internal and external sources. Further, the ability to produce audit logs is critical to our application.

How do you handle data when you don’t always know upfront what the data structure will be?

How do you ensure data auditability?

How do you design a system that scales well and can rapidly evolve in the future?

In this talk, Milo will share the IRIS teams’ journey to choosing and successfully implementing the CQRS/Event Sourcing pattern by leveraging the JavaScript stack and open source projects. He will discuss what event sourcing is, when it’s a good fit, key problems encountered, tooling used, how to change CRUD thinking.

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