RouteMaster, Neurodiversity, and 2017 in Review

19 Dec 2017

6:30 pm Skillsmatter (CodeNode), CodeNode, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 2RB, GB , London



We’re welcome two new speakers to London .NET – Michael Newton, who’s going to talk about RouteMaster, and Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey talking about neurodiversity in tech. Then we’ll be inviting a panel of speakers and experts from the London .NET Community to join us for our ‘review of the year’ – a light-hearted look at everything that’s happened in .NET in 2017, and what we’re all looking forward to next year.

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Michael Newton: RouteMaster

A good API doesn’t just allow you to do something – it teaches you how to do something. RouteMaster is an open source project for “writing stateful workflows on top of a message bus. It exists to make the implementation of long running business processes easy in event driven systems.” It lifts heavily from the ideas in the book “Enterprise Integration Patterns”, and aims to sit on top of a messaging library such as EasyNetQ and teach a developer how to make use of the patterns from the book without shooting themselves in the foot.
RouteMaster is still very much under construction, and Michael will both walk you through the basics of distributed systems and why the API is designed the way it is so far, as well as collecting feedback on how to make it better.
Michael (mavnn) is a programmer, consultant and trainer: check out more of what he does at or sneak a cheeky discount on his latest course with the imaginative discount code “UserGroup”:

Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey: Neuro-diversity: (literally) thinking differently

Diversity in the tech industry has been an issue of increasing prominance in recent years, with laudable efforts being made to improve transparency, opportunity and accessibility in all fields. More and more initiatives are emerging every year to help improve the range of people and talents in software, with employers and staff alike beginning to realise the untapped benefits that such changes can bring to success in business and society as a whole.

As our community continues to make progressive strides forward, we have many reasons to be optimistic; however, there is one demographic whose daily challenges remains largely unrecognised. People on the Autistic Spectrum constitute roughly 1% of the UK population, yet are generally accepted to play a significantly greater role in some of the world’s most successful and dynamic software companies. This is occurs at every level, from the shop-floor all the way to the boardroom. Clearly, it is now time for all aspies, autistics and ASDers to bite-the-bullet, grasp-the-nettle, and perform various other metaphorically inaccurate gestures to help us acknowledge the under-representation of “neurotypicals” in the workplace, and what we can do about it.

In this irreverent take on the issue of neuro-diversity we will examine some of the more tried-and-tested techniques for making the office a welcoming place for “normies”, and how we can work towards being more inclusive and accommodating to our easily-distracted, detail-averse and excessively-social colleagues.

Riccardo began his career as an academic researcher, specialising in bioinformatics and computational biology, before transitioning to the world of software development. He has worked as a developer and architect across multiple sectors, as well as mentoring many talented individuals along the way. As an architect, developer, and technical lead, Riccardo is involved in every stage of the product lifecycle from research and inception to construction and final delivery. He is also a fan of hats, extreme chilli sauces, blues music and setting things on fire (under the pretence of doing science demonstrations at local primary schools).

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