Advanced Clojure – 6 – 7th December 2017

06 Dec 2017

9:00 am Skills Matter at CodeNode, 10 South Place, EC2M 7EB, London



Authors Jon Pither (above)  and Malcolm Sparks (below)

Are you an experienced Clojure developer ready to take their skills to the next level? Then this course might be right for you!

Check out the workshop here and the programme here

About Jon Pither and Malcolm Sparks :

Jon Pither has led development of large Clojure projects at an Investment Bank, an online newspaper website, a major property portal, and is now working on various other Clojure projects. Jon is a co-founder of JUXT, a consultancy specialising in using Clojure.

Malcolm Sparks has been writing Clojure since 2009, has led Clojure teams and been involved in many successful Clojure projects. He is an experienced Clojure trainer and has written numerous open-source libraries including bidi and yada. He is also the founder of JUXT, a consulting and software development firm that uses Clojure exclusively.

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